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You know you’re not old when…

You know you’re not old when…

(a tongue-in-cheek look at things we can laugh at)

  • • You can still beat a thirty-something at tennis; however, THEY must keep score.
  • • When your grandchildren ask you for the apple…and you don’t go to the refrigerator because you know they need a computer.
  • • It only takes one try to take a selfie that shows only one chin.
  • • You try not to get upset because your grandkids do need a nap, but you don’t.
  • • You know the entire score from “Frozen”; however, all your grandkids want to sing is “Let it Go.”
  • • You eat prunes because you actually like them.
  • • You can change the print on your Kindle so you don’t need your reading glasses, AND the book is now 4,200 pages long.
  • • You change your Facebook status just to mess with your kids (grandkids) – why? – because you can!
  • • You can meditate for the entire twenty minutes during an episode of Sponge Bob Square Pants.
  • • You went to see Despicable Me II with your wife, before your grandchildren saw the movie.
  • • You know more of the Minions’ names than your grandkids.
  • • You went to yoga to look at the young girls even though your arthritis is fine.
  • • You keep up with the thirty-something at the gym, and then lie about being on a business trip when they ask you where you were for the past three days.
  • • You actually know that charging a car has nothing to do with credit cards.
  • • You get to the point in life where you feel it’s perfectly acceptable to return a phone call or e-mail within a two-week window.
  • • You activated your new iPhone without calling customer service (or your child or grandchildren).
  • • You start to text your grandchildren because you’re too busy to talk to ALL of them.
  • • You upset your small grandkids because you keep dunking the basketball on their six-foot high hoop.
  • • Your grandkids won’t play catch because you throw the ball too hard.
  • • You start determining your grandkids’ cash gifts on their birthdays by how many “likes” they give you on your pictures of your latest trip abroad.
  • • The only Ira you care about is the one who makes up the fourth in your golf foursome.
  • • Your kids ask you not to give their kids any of your cleansing diet drink because they have started to poop green.

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  1. arlene

    Kay and Leslie are the coolest! They bring so many great ideas to my life. I can just feel their positive energy coming through my screen! Thank you GPL! Congrats on your AWARD. Well deserved!


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