Apr 1, 2024 | Mindful Moments


A few jokes to share with your grandchildren…have fun…!

Did you hear about the submarine that sank on April Fools’ Day? Someone left a window open.

What month of the year has 28 days? All of them.

How do you keep a fool in suspense? I’ll tell you the answer tomorrow.

Why should you avoid the stairs on April Fools’ Day? Because they’re always up to something.

How do pirates celebrate April Fools’ Day? They walk the prank.

Why shouldn’t you tell ducks jokes on April Fools’ Day? They’ll quack up.

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Family Photos Act as “Glue”

Family Photos Act as “Glue”

We have been reading article after article conveying that family photos have a powerful effect on our brain and our souls. Neuroscientist Nas (@nasneuro) reports, “looking at photos can have a positive psychological effect: children laugh when looking at old pictures of themselves. Neuroimaging research shows that looking at photos of our loved ones slow down the ‘stress centers’ of our brain.”


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