Our Readers’ Top Picks

Ok… can you smell it? can you feel it? can you taste it?
What is it?!….. FALL!

Tis the season where colors come alive in hues that are awe striking.  A crisp coolness hits the air, and things look and feel so fresh.  Yup, this sure is the season we love here at Grandparentslink!  We’re sharing our readers top 5 Fall articles – all you gotta do is click!

1. Great Fall Reading Picks
It’s always great to have a variety of books whether the grandkids are at your house or you are at theirs. Reading together is not only special quality time, but also establishes intimate moments to share and enjoy. Here are some great must-haves for the younger set that grandparentslink.com just loves … plus, a little something for Grandma.

2. Wonderful Fall Recipe Ideas
Love the idea of some new recipes for your repertoire? You and your family will love these dishes.  The recipes are simple and do not take a lot of time. Best of all, they are packed with great flavor. Orecchiette with Brown Butter, Broccoli, Pine Nuts and Basil.* Brown butter is butter that is cooked until it takes on an amber brown color and nutty flavor. There’s nothing to it, but you’ll be amazed at what this extra step does for a simple pasta dish.

3. Fall for Mums!!
Mum’s the word! With the season changing, we love the idea of finding the perfect bloom for fall. It’s no secret that chrysanthemums are the go-to plant for fall color. But did you know that some mums live for years in the garden, while others are one-season wonders? Know what you’re buying!  Check the label and select between florist and garden types.

4. Fall Fun List!
Need a couple of fun ideas to share with the grandkids? Take a look at our Fall Fun List to get some great ideas for activities for you and your loved ones to do! Oh, and did we mention first and foremost… put away your cell phone and get engaged! • VISIT A PUMPKIN PATCH • JUMP IN A BIG PILE OF LEAVES • GO FOR A HAYRIDE • COLLECT FALLEN LEAVES AND ACORNS • TOAST PUMPKIN SEEDS • PICK YOUR OWN APPLES • VISIT A HAUNTED HOUSE • ENJOY…

5. Fantastic Fall
The foliage is making a statement and so are all those delicious, nutritious apples of the season. There’s no better time than now to give you a quick glossary of the different types of apples; and then of course, we have some delectable baked apple delights (recipes) that you won’t be able to resist!