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Want to be a good grandparent?

Take care of yourself!

Laugh. Exercise. Eat well. Go to the movies. Take naps. Meditate.
Get a massage. Binge on your favorite programs.
Eat chocolate.
Take a bubble bath. Light a candle.
Go to therapy. Quit your job. Get a job.
Ride around town and blast your radio.
Get a facial. Get a mani-pedi. Go out to dinner.
Hang out with your partner. Be alone. Visit with your friends.
Sleep late. Play cards. Travel.

Whatever you need to do, do it. You need to be okay.

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Etiquette 101 this Holiday Season

a few tips and reminders can only be helpful!

Ah, the winter holiday season, time for ugly-sweater wearing, high calorie intakes (!!), party hosting, and fumbling for the proper greeting. We do love this time of year, even when holiday etiquette can get confusing. As we juggle the influx of invites, family reunions, festivities, cultural traditions, and gifting decisions, we often must stop and think, “am I doing this right?” Whichever way you spread holiday cheer, we figure a good goal would be to master these must-know, expert-recommended etiquette standards that you can share with the entire family (subtly) this holiday season!*

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Gratitude is Always “In”

a special feature from Kay Ziplow & Leslie Zinberg, founders

This time of year can get a little out of hand for anyone!  With all the holidays upon us, and a New Year lurking right around the corner, we can get so caught up in ourselves with all the hustle and bustle. We tend to forget some of the simpler and most important nuances of life: Kindness and Gratitude.

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Start by drinking 1 cup of water.
Start by reading 1 page.
Start by walking 1 lap.
Start by taking a new exercise class.
Start by calling 1 friend.
Start by writing 1 paragraph.
Start by eating 1 nutritious snack.

Repeat tomorrow.
It feels good to change your everyday routine.

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