The best adult Halloween party ideas tend to come as the direct result of a great Halloween theme idea. So pick an idea and kick it up a notch and decorate like there’s no tomorrow. Focus on things like the menu, your music, what kind of invitations you need, and general ambiance. Here’s a big bonus: choosing the Halloween theme gives your less-creative guests guidelines to work from when it comes to costume ideas — always a plus.

Fun themes we love:create-a-fun-adult-halloween-menu-spiderweb-pizza

Massacre at the Oscars. Have your guests dress as their favorite movie stars (classic or modern)… but dead or injured or
murderous. Plan it like an Oscar party… but with blood and gore. Hand out creepy “Oscars” for best dressed at the end of the party.

Vampire Nightclub. Fog machines, black lights, and all sorts of vampire costumes. This is the perfect Halloween party theme if your guests love to dance.

create-a-fun-adult-halloween-menu-graveyard-cakeHaunted Mansion. We like this for a more subdued, elegant Halloween party. Serve southern food, like hush puppies, corn muffins, fried chicken, etc. Decorate the house with creepy portraits and play creepy classical music in the background.

Plan a haunted-house buffet featuring ghoulish appetizers and sweets, plus spooky surprises! Try some of these dishes to really spook your guests!

Swamp Sangria
Creepy Ice Cubes: Creepy ice cubes can make something as simple as a vodka tonic look creepy! To make them, freeze your ice cubes with plastic eyeballs, plastic novelty flies, roaches, etc., plastic severed fingers, or even tiny plastic doll babies. You will have delicious (creepy!) Halloween drinks.

Guacamoldy Eyeballs
Spiderweb Pizza
Devilish Eggs
Spooky Spiced Shrimp
Oven-Roasted Ribs with Barbecue Sauce

Sweet Bones
Shrunken Pears
Graveyard Cake
Brain Cupcakes