Yep, it’s official – with Spring in the air, we want to get our living spaces just perfect; and we’ve got a great suggestion to motivate you! Bruce Lubin’s book, Who Knew? Household Shortcuts, Thousands of Clever Fixes for Life’s Little Hassles, is a MUST have for anyone! (

Filled with ingenious tips to make household chores easier, easy solutions to everyday problems, and ways to make everything in your home last longer, this book is a fun, easy read that fans have described as being like Pinterest in a book. Open to any page and find a cool “lifehack” to impress your friends; or use the handy index to find the fix you’re looking for.

Here are some great tips from Lubin’s book*:

Fingerprints on stainless steel appliances

If your stainless steel refrigerator has fingerprint marks, reach for the olive oil. Apply a small amount on a clean rag, then use the rag to rub off the marks. “It’s not a Christmas miracle,” Lubin says, “but it’s close.”

Scuff marks on wood floor

Remove those scuff marks in seconds by applying some non-gel toothpaste onto a clean rag, then rub the rag on the marks. They will be history in moments. Non-gel toothpaste can also be used to get rid of crayon marks, so make sure to keep some handy.

Scratch marks on wood floor and furniture

Not to worry, those scratch marks won’t be there forever. To remove, mix olive oil and vinegar in a three to one ratio. Apply the mixture onto a clean cloth and rub it onto the marks. The marks should disappear within seconds. Just make sure to buff it out so you no one slides on the mixture.

Candle wax on the tablecloth

If some candle wax poured onto your tablecloth during your holiday celebrations, simply set up an iron, then grab a paper bag. Put the paper bag over the wax, then begin ironing the area on top of the bag. It may take a few minutes, but it should come out entirely.

Water ring stains

It’s a tried-and-true tactic: Remove water stains from wood furniture by rubbing mayonnaise onto the stain. It actually lifts the moisture out.

Red wine stains on carpet

It’s not a party unless red wine spills on the floor. First, get a damp cloth and dab it on the stain to lift as much moisture as you can. Then make a half-peroxide, half-dish detergent mixture and put it in a spray bottle. Spray the mixture on the stain, wait a few minutes, then rub it out with a clean cloth.

Soot stain on the wall

If that candle left a soot stain on your wall, grab the rubbing alcohol and rub some onto the stain with a cloth. The alcohol will remove the soot while not damaging the paint on the wall.

Ashes in the fireplace

It’s a dirty job — but it doesn’t have to be. Pour some wet coffee grinds onto the ashes before removing them, then dump the ashes into a dust pan. The coffee grinds will keep the ashes from producing dust as you move them.

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